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For NRC-Handelsblad I also made an illustration about the ‘Best Kept Secret’-festival.

The Grumpy Dept. adds:
The festival’s organizer mailed that he was very happy with the drawing and almost offered to buy the original, before he remembered he was a stingy Dutchman.
He was no exception.
The director ( or writer, I forgot) of the succesfull ‘Penoza’TV-crime-series wrote a delirious mail when he saw the cover of the ‘VPRO’-TV-guide but balked at the modest price, just as a famous Dutch filmscriptwriter did when he called me to express his satisfaction with his depiction in the ‘Filmkrant’ and was told that for € 200,= ( a so-called ‘friend’s price’) it would be his to frame and hang…
Oh well.
As the late Gram Parsons once lamented: ‘Who’s gonna throw that hippie-boy a coin?”

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To end this sorry tale in the best of spirits (…) here is a poster for the coming New Year’s party at the ‘Pacific Parc’, a café/restaurant & free rockvenue in Amsterdam.
This is the sixth poster I did for this jiving joint. Three of them are shown here.

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